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12/9 Fire up for the weekend

Evening all,

We have our Chapter night tomorrow from 7:30 at the Clarendon Pub, Chapel Ash. I am ordering the food tonight for those that have responded. We have a lot of new members so it will be a great opportunity to meet them.

Our dealership is having an Open Day on 23rd Sept - there will be plenty of deals so certainly worth coming along.

Our next ride will be to the Oily Rag on Sunday. Meet at the Dudley Arms, stands up 10:30.

As always, all event information is on the website/Wix application. You no longer need to login to see the information. If you have an issue message me directly.

I hope to see you at our Chapter meeting tomorrow. I will be at the dealership on Saturday for some grub!

Cheers, Broth


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