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24/Fire up for the weekend

Evening all,

We have a lot of members at Thunder in the Glens this weekend. I hope everyone has a great time, we look forward to seeing what goes on.

The Newlyweds, Khloe and Morgan are back off their holidays and settling into married life. Khloe has asked me to reiterate her thanks for everyone that did the bike escort and for those that were able to come to the reception.

Morgan has a great ride-out planned for Sunday - Ponderosa Cafe. The day was changed due to the weather, should be nice on Sunday. Meet at Farmer and Friends cafe (Garden Village, Bridgnorth Rd, WV6 7EZ) at 10:00 - stands up at 10:30. Poll will follow shoutout to check attendees.

The tickets for our Christmas event are now live. Please remember to reserve your tickets and pay for them as we need to pay the venue.

Still deciding what food to put on for our chapter night on 14th Sept - food will be ordered based those that have rsvp. Remember you no longer need to login to view the calendar.

Finally, a small change has been made to our WhatsApp group. The main chat page will continue as normal. However, there is now an announcements chat where important messages such the next ride will be announced, members can’t comment on this chat. This ensures everyone gets to read the message and can easily refer back to it without looking through lots of messages. Please let me know your thoughts.

Safe riding all. Cheers,



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