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31/05 Fire up for the weekend

Evening all,

A big thank you to Cheryl, Harry, Tina and Paul for visiting a 90year old gentleman, in Studley, who was eager to see some bikes. With a bit more notice I know there would have been more of us.

We now have 12 Marshall’s for Ride to the Wall. Again, a big thank you to the volunteers.

There was a great trip down to London on the weekend which included a visit to the Warrs dealership, a ride over Tower Bridge and a visit to the Bike Shed Show. Certainly an event we will add to next year’s calendar.

Each week we are getting closer to our 120th member which is perfect given that Harley-Davidson is celebrating its 120th Anniversary. Great work everyone.

For all the new members, we have a social meeting (inc food) on 2nd Thursday of every month at the Clarendon Pub, Chapel Ash (7:30pm). We are allowed to park on the brewery carpark so feel free to come on your bikes. Can everyone please RSVP to ensure enough food is purchased -

This weekend the chapter is off to Ireland for the Killarney Bike Festival. There isn’t an official ride but given the weather it’s certainly worth getting to the dealership on the bike and see who is about.

The committee are meeting next week to finalise plans for the big day at the dealership on 8th July - rule out your diary. We are also preparing for our summer event on 28th July - Mods and Rockers. Please reserve your tickets before they go out to the general public.

LOH Event - food/drinks night on Friday 16th June at Hickory’s in Wall Heath. If any ladies would like to go please let Emma know as soon as possible due to limited spaces.

Remember to keep your HOG membership up to date as we have a few members due to expire.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, ride safe.

Cheers, Broth


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