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5/4 Fire up for the weekend

Evening all,

Last Saturday was a huge success. The dealership was rammed and we managed to raise £200 for charity as a result of the Bike competition, Jenny’s cakes and the samosas. The pictures from the Cider Rally looked really good, can’t wait to return.

There is a big fun raiser coming up at the Danery (17th May). A local girl, Gracie requires urgent, specialist treatment abroad. Event kicks off at 6pm - no doubt there will be a big turnout.

I will be confirming the numbers for ride with Deva legion (20th May) shortly, so please make sure you have RSVP as food will be provided.

Just a reminder Chapter night is now the 2nd Thursday of the month at the Claredon pub. Next one is 11th May.

This week we have seen the launch of the Electra Glide Highway King, new CVO models and The Enthusiast Motorcycle Collection - FAST JOHNNIE. The dealership does have a 120th Anniversary model in the showroom, certainly worth a look.

Very much looking forward to seeing Made In Tennessee with the chapter tomorrow night. There is more Bagger racing on this weekend in Pittsburg (available via YouTube, Bagger Racing League).

If you have ordered a Wolfruna Flag, please remember to send payment (£25 ref Flag). Please check out the events section on our website as we have lots going on.

There are no planned rides for this weekend due to the coronation, however the weather is looking good for Sunday so if there is interest I will put something together - Wolfruna Family.

Cheer, Broth


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