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7/12 Fire up for the weekend

Evening all,

I hope everyone has recovered from our Christmas party. A huge thank you to Emma for sorting such a great venue and Cheryl for organising, but also PJ for the incredible auction item. This is what Wolfruna is all about, everyone coming together. That is why we continue to grow as one united HOG chapter, I’m really excited about 2024.

Please take a look at the online calendar as we have lots coming up. You do not need to login to view or RSVP.

We have our Christmas run this Saturday. The hospital staff and patients are very excited. Please be at the dealership around 9ish so we can sort your HOG mileage out. At present we are 13th nationally, I’m sure this will improve when all our figures are submitted. If you don’t know what it is, we can go through it on Saturday.

Our final chapter meeting is on 14th December at the Clarendon, feel free to come in your Christmas gear. This will be a very informal meeting with grub (please RSVP).

With New Year’s Eve fast approaching we have reserved 30 seats at the Three Crowns Indian Restaurant in Sedgley - the food is incredible. If you would like a seat please let me know asap - first come first serve basis.

We also have our chippy run coming up, which will take place on 31st Dec for our final ride of 2023.

The Members Member of the year voting is still open to all members - click here

Finally, Pastor Phil is now a Mental Health Motorbike first aider. Thank you Phil, in the current climate this is really important.

I hope to see you on Saturday for an incredible rideout.

Cheers, Broth


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