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7/9 Fire up for the weekend

Evening all,

I am pleased to say a total of £1,517 raised at the Hickory’s charity event for Hannah and Cash for Kids. Wolfruna received a very big welcome.

We had a really good midweek get together last night at the Danery. Our numbers attending are growing at every event, great to see some of our newest members there.

A number of members are off to the Bobhead BBQ on Saturday. Please be ready for stands up at the dealership at 9:30.

We are looking to put another social event on at Tapri in October, we will confirm date after the committee meeting tonight.

We have our Chapter night next week, 14th Sept. I need RSVP’s for the food order (Chippy night). At the moment 9 people will be getting food. If you can’t use the website or app just text me.

The chapter has made a big financial investment in our Christmas event (1st Dec) - we booked it early to maximise numbers. The response has been really poor so far. The committee will review this over the next few weeks.

Our RTTW volunteers will be meeting at the dealership on Saturday and will be doing do a recce of the area that we will be supervising (Muckley Corner). Over 6000 bikes have now registered for RTTW.

Following last weeks meeting, a route has been agreed to the Italy rally. I appreciate some members want to do to their own thing, but it would be nice for us all to meet in Bologna the night before the rally and ride in together.

The Mayor of Bridgnorth has sent a formal invitation to Wolfruna to ask if we will be attending their Remembrance Sunday Service on Sunday 12th November 2023. I will add this to our calendar.

HOG Awards 2023 - do you know a chapter or individual who the HOG community deserves to know about? You can nominate a HOG member, a group, dealer, Chapter or even yourself for an activity that you feel deserves recognition in this epic 40th birthday year of HOG. Nominate now 👉

Our membership continues to grow, I’m aware some new members are having issues with obtaining HOG membership. I will raise this with Head Office.

I will hopefully see you at the dealership on Saturday.

Ride safe everyone, cheers.


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