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8/11 Fire up for the weekend

Evening all,

We have our Chapter night tomorrow at the Clarendon pub from 7:30. Lucy is putting on an array of food for us and Jenny is sorting desert!!! Baggot’s balls will also be returning.

Following the committee meeting last week there will be two changes to the committee which will be announced tomorrow evening. Our AGM is in January where all positions will be reconfirmed or contested by members.

The Rogues Gallery is coming along nicely - Please send photos of you on a motorbike to Austin so he can get this completed.

Wolfruna’s hospital run is fast approaching (9th Dec) - we will start collecting the Cadbury Christmas Chocolate Selection Boxes 145g (£1.35 each in Morrisons) at the dealership from tomorrow - remember to wrap them. I’m hoping we can smash previous year’s amounts.

Our next ride is for Remembrance Sunday. Please meet at Farmer and Friends (WV6 7EZ) for 9:00. Stands up at 9:20 as we need to park the bikes up and get into the parade. Rich and Lee will be presenting the Wolfruna Wreath.

Finally, we have 80 members signed up for the Christmas do, 52 for Port-en-Bessin and 50 for Italy. We are also finalising the numbers for the Sherwood rally.  We are also exploring the Belfast chapter rally and Deva Legion’s.

I hope to see you tomorrow evening.

Cheers, Broth


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