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Cheque Handover - Wolverhampton MS Therapy Centre

Yesterday 30 bikes from the Wolfruna Family set out to Wolverhampton MS Therapy Centre to handover a cheque of £500 that was raised during the "Tona Memorial Ride 2019".

The cheque was greatly appreciated from the centre. This will feature in the Express & Star - as soon as the article is released, it will be posted on here.

The MS Centre has been supplying Oxygen Treatment, Therapies and Support to help with the physical and psychological effects of both long-term debilitating conditions and short term traumas such as after surgery or perhaps caused by an accident.

Since 1986 the Wolverhampton MS Therapy Centre has been helping and supporting those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Providing oxygen treatment and supporting therapies, with counselling and advice and in building a place to meet and socialise, the trustees, administration staff and volunteers at the Centre have worked to change the lives of tens of thousands of people with this long-term incurable condition.

All fundraising is important to the centre as a self-financing charity but single or regular donations from individuals or companies, however small or large, are vital for them to fulfil their commitments. Repairs, renewals, the irregularities of running any organisation all have to be responded to financially.


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