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Santa Run

Chocolates are piled high at the dealership. I will be at the dealership early - we will be setting off at 10:00. Geek and I have just recced the route - there are no road works which makes life easier. Please ensure you have enough fuel, although it is only a short ride (20miles).

Road Captains will be wearing High Vis jackets so easy for you to spot. Due to the route, the good only buddy system will be used - always check your mirrors and make sure someone is behind before turning at a junction (if safe to do so).

Everything will be covered in the briefing (9:45).

Children, nurses and the public are very much looking forward to it - it is an amazing experience. Feel free to jazz your bike up with decorations and the Wolfruna flag if you have one.

Weather is looking very promising. I can wait to see everyone tomorrow. Any questions just ask.

Cheers, Broth


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