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Fire Up for an exciting 2024!

Hi all,

Hope you're all revving up for a fantastic Christmas! Here’s what’s rolling up for our beloved chapter:

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Date: 14th January

Time: From 12:00 PM

Venue: The Danery Pub

AGM Highlights

Voting on Key Matters: Can’t make it? No problem! Proxy votes are welcome. Just email me your proxy’s name. The change of day and venue has been done to try and maximise numbers. This is your chapter and it’s vital to have your input.

Committee Positions: Fancy a role in steering our chapter? Challenge current positions by filling out the form on our website by 4th January. If you need a printed version please ask me. Remember, all roles are subject to Dealer Principal’s approval.

Membership for 2024 is open

Sign up now for your discounted membership! Your membership will be valid until March 2025. Once your payment is confirmed we can issue the 2024 year bars - signup here. Paper forms are also available.

The final ride of the year is 31st December, meeting at the Dudley Arms at 11:00. Stands up at 11:30.

2024 Rallies - we're supporting members with these amazing rallies - Hog n Bog, Sherwood, Italy, Normandy, Rally in the Valley. Separate WhatsApp groups are being created for easy coordination. Need assistance with other rallies? Just ask!

Charity Event Theme - It was a tight race, but why choose one when we can have both? Get ready for the Peaky Blinders vs Cowboys showdown on 23rd March! Tickets will be available shortly.

I hope to see you at the dealership on Saturday. Our Dealership closes on 23rd and reopens 2nd January.

Thanks to each one of you for making Wolfruna the extraordinary family it is. Here’s to roaring into 2024 as the number one chapter!

Have a cracking Christmas, roll on 2024.

Cheers, Broth


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