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Fire up for the weekend

Evening all,

We had a great turnout for Remembrance Sunday in-spite of the weather. A big thank you to everyone that came out to pay their respects.

Our biggest ride of the year is fast approaching - the Christmas run to the local hospitals - 9th December. Selection boxes have started to appear in the dealership.

Our Christmas event now has 90 members coming along. We have 54 going to Normandy (No.1 Chapter, again) and Italy. A big thanks to Tallin for putting this together, it was a huge task and it has gone swimmingly - lots of nice feedback.

The highest mileage award will be presented at our AGM in January as well as 6 member awards for those that have gone above and beyond. Members will also be asked to vote for their member of the year.

At our last Chapter meeting we had over 60 members attending. We are investigating a new venue which we hope to announce before the AGM. At the meeting Pete was confirmed as our new Head Road Captain and Geek was appointed Secretary with the task of creating some new bylaws for the chapters constitution.

Motorcycle Live has almost arrived - discounted tickets are available here The chapter is going on Saturday 25th. We plan to head into the Xmas market straight afterwards.

£100 has been donated from our charity account to support Movember via Lee Dickens who is walking 5 miles per day or cycling 10 miles per day, rain or shine.

Finally, we have a new mascot that members can take with them on their travels - there will be an award for the best photo! The mascot needs a name. If you have any suggestions please message me. All suggestions will be put to a vote at the AGM.

I hope to see you at the dealership on Saturday.

Cheers, Broth


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