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Fire up for the weekend

Evening all,

First, I would like to welcome Harry to the Wolfruna committee as our new Membership Officer. Have a great time at the Faaker See Bike Rally, lots to do on your return as we have a several new members. Just waiting on a few HOG memberships to be sorted and we are over 120 members.

We have a meeting this Saturday at the Dealership to discuss the Italian Rally 2024 - meet up around 10:30. We 24 rooms booked at the same hotel, nice one Gav and Cheryl. Following the meeting there is a charity event at Hickory’s which we can ride down to support.

Some new rides have been added to the website, remember you no longer need to sign in and can still RSVP.

Our next chapter night will be on 14th Sept at the Clarendon Pub from 19:30. Food will be provided based on RSVPs. If you can’t RSVP online just drop me message.

Those off to Rally in the Valley have a great time, one I plan to do next year.

Looking forward to seeing you at the dealership on Saturday.




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