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Fire up for the weekend - Some big announcements

Evening all,

An early shout-out as we have the chapter meeting tomorrow, please remember to RSVP due to the food order - come with empty stomachs!!!

Just a reminder to pay your balances for Hayling Island (last rally of the season).

Following the committee meeting last week it has been decided that the closed (private) Facebook Group will be closed. Chapter Information is available on our newly designed website, WhatsApp and the public Facebook group.

The Wolfruna mini rally and the dealerships 1st anniversary will be on 8th July. Plans are being finalised, if you would like to assist please let me know.

Our next big chapter social event will be the summer party on Friday 28th July - mods and rockers themed. Tickets will be available shortly, we are hoping for another sellout.

Due to the amount of work involved, as we always have big numbers for the HOG rallies, we are going to introduce a new committee position - Rally Officer. Members are asked to show their interest by contacting me by 26th May (phone, email, WhatsApp etc). The decision of who will take up the new role will be confirmed by the dealer principal by the next chapter meeting.

We have lots of rides coming up, please remember to RSVP. On Sunday we have Chatsworth House, the following Saturday we have our trip with Deva Legion and the following week we have a trip up-to Nottingham to meet up with the Sherwood Chapter. A very busy May.

Finally, MCN is on this weekend - Emma is kindly representing our Chapter at the HD experience Tour, which will be a big feature at the show. If members are going please co-ordinate through the chapter.

Finally, the food hut at the dealership will be open from this Saturday. Let’s make the most of it.

See you tomorrow evening at the Clarendon.

Cheers, Broth

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I will be there tomorrow night. Reminder, some Vegan food if possible.👍

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