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This weekend

Hi Brothers and Sisters. Just getting back in the swing of things having had a few weekends away. It’s Thursday night and that means news night for the weekend shenanigans. Saturday morning Ricardo da Geek is leading a ride to RTTW on Saturday morning (see previous post for start times and meeting place). For those not going to the Wall, I’ll be going to the Bewdley American Day. I’ll be at the Dealership at midday and looking to leave no later than 1pm. However, this is very weather dependent. If it’s raining I’ll not be going. A judgment call will be made first thing Saturday morning. I’m not sure what time the Wall activity will finish, but there’s a possibility that you may be able to make both events. THE IMPORTANT BIT !!!! So we have an idea of numbers. Can I have a Yay or Nay for the Wall, Bewdley or both. Regards Cut


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