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WTTW This Weekend

Right guys, anyone doing RTTW this Saturday, you have a few options. Firstly, some of us are going from Telford M54 J4 services. I will be at the dealership at 8.15, leaving at 8.30 prompt. Going up the A41, then onto the Shifnal road, arriving at the services for around 9.00am. Or if you live that way, meet us there. But allow yourself time. The ride leaves there at 09.47, so you have a good 30 mins to grab a coffee and a toilet break. And be ready to leave. If you are registered somewhere else, great we will meet you there. Your last option, is to ride straight to the NMA on your own. You can pay there, even if you haven't pre-registered. The ride is not too long, but there will be no fuel stops on the official rides, so please turn up with full tanks. There is a fuel station at the services, but it will be busy and very expensive. Lastly, come prepared for rain, the ride will go ahead no matter what. But it is worth the effort, to show our respect. Geek.


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