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20/7 Fire up for the weekend

Evening all,

We had our rather wet charity ride on Saturday to the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation in Birmingham. We received a lovely reception and hope to raise some more money for them.

It is worth noting the amount of community/charity donations the chapter has made recently, including to the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (£1,000), Broadmeadow’s school (£700), Ollie (£400), Compton Hospice (£300), Oxygen Centre (£100), Gracie’s Fund (£300), Holly Bank House (£700) - I will get these added to the website.

It was mentioned at the last meeting how difficult it is to access the minutes of our meetings via the website. Further improvements are now underway but I will post the mins via WhatsApp and messenger to make them more accessible.

Fields of Thunder is finally here. For those going on Saturday, stands up at 09:30 at the dealership. We will be heading down the A422, so a slightly more scenic route (99 miles). You can still get tickets if interested.

Following our social event at Tapri on Saturday I am pleased to say they have offered to provide food for the Mods & Rockers night and a further £300 towards our charity fund.

Our event of the year is nearly upon us - Mods and Rockers. Significant chapter resources and committee members time have been invested into this. We have around 20 tickets left.

There are 6 hotels rooms still available for Italy as they have not been paid for. These will be released to other chapters shortly as there is a shortage. A big thank you to Gav for securing a beachside resort for the rally, not an easy feat. We will hold a meeting at the dealership, for those that are riding, to look at the planned route.

Don’t forget the Adult panto in Feb, 45 Wolfruna’s attending so far!

Really looking forward to getting together with the other chapters on Saturday. Ride safe everyone.

Cheers, Broth


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