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Fire up for the Weekend, Wolfruna Chapter!

Evening all,

What a crazy week, we have had lots of new members joining the pack. Saturday was an incredible night and pleased to say we raised £1,000 for charity. Please provide feedback so we can continue to grow these events, perhaps a Wolfruna Rally is on the horizon.

Our famous Easter egg run is this Saturday, as we push closer and closer to 160 members this should be our biggest over ride out as a chapter. The weather is looking good so no excuses!! Please arrive early. The briefing will start at 9:45.

Next week we have the Normandy tribute run which the press have picked up on. We will be donating £650 thanks to chapter members donations, including Trev’s £500 donation.

We now have 3 guest speakers booked for future chapter meetings. Please look at the website and RSVP.

I hope to see you on Saturday for our charity ride.

Cheers, Broth


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