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Fire up for the weekend!

Hi everyone

With Broth away in Thailand for a while this weeks shoutout is being brought to you by yours truly 🙂

Well, it’s only about a month until a lot of the Chapter start their long rides to Senigallia in Italy, so if you’re riding it’s time to give your bikes a thorough check. Don’t leave it to the last minute. If you’re unsure, please ask,… and check you have adequate European breakdown recovery too.

This weekend we have a few members off to enjoy the Cider Rally, but on Saturday our LOH officer, Emma, will be leading a great ride to Robin Hood Harley Davidson, in Nottingham. Sherwood Chapter have arranged a scenic 40 mile round trip for us and we’ll also be joined by Lindum Colonia and Rutland Chapters. It’s guaranteed to be a great day with smiles and fun so please remember to RSVP.

Also on the horizon is Harry’s ride to Barmouth, Wales, on Sunday 12th May. This was a fantastic ride last year; spectacular scenery, great windy roads and fish’n’chips at the seaside. What could be better? So again, please RSVP so the road crew get a good idea of numbers.

In other news, it won’t have missed your attention that our Head Road Captain, Pete, has been missing his Ultra Limited CVO, for some time and is now often seen “borrowing” Katherine’s Sportster. Well a little bird tells me his bike parts are finally back from the painters and the results are jaw dropping. Can’t wait to see it all back together again soon. However, when you do see it, please don’t get too close 😂

Away from the bikes for a while, it came to our attention that the good people at the Ravens (animal) Rescue Centre in Kingswinford, had fallen victim to a low-life scammer who dressed all official like, and had gone round taking all of their collection tins. This charity does amazing work and is run by volunteers and so Wolfruna Chapter has donated £100 towards their good work which will hopefully recoup some of the money they have had stolen.

Also we donated £100 to the mental health charity CALM. This was from money raised by those who went on the recent London trip, in way of an apology to Rav and Jenni for the mental trauma they suffered from the rest of us 😂 Sorry guys 😬

There’s a Committee meeting this evening but apart from that I’ll sign off there. It’s been a cold and wet April but now that the weather is finally starting to improve the good stuff is gonna be coming thick and fast.

I myself am off to Rhodes on Saturday for a bit of sea and sunshine but I’ll see you all soon.

Bye for now



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