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Fire up for the weekend 25/1

Evening all,

There has been a lot of interest in the Peaky Blinders vs Cowboys event on 23rd March. We will release the tickets to the general public shortly so please reserve yours asap.

The paper copy of the Calendar is now available. Our website now has every ride and event for 2024, 66 in total - please plan ahead and rsvp where you can. This really helps the road captains out. Rides/events without sufficient RSVPs will be cancelled.

Membership Officer Update (Harry)

Thank you to everyone who has renewed their Wolfruna membership for 2024. Although it’s not due until the end of February, we are already at over 60% paid.


Just for info - If you pay directly into the Wolfruna bank account, Cheryl has immediate visibility and I update my records to show you as being paid. I also make out your membership card.


I have visibility of everyone’s HOG membership status through the admin functions within the HOG website. If your HOG membership has lapsed at the time of your Wolfruna renewal, I will let you know, so that we can hold your Wolfruna renewal pending your HOG renewal.


As a default, by renewing your Wolfruna membership, you consent to abide by the new By-Laws and we ask that everyone completes the enrolment application on the Wix App. This ensures that we have your latest, up to date information.


There is no February club meeting, so for those who still wish to pay by cash and fill in a manual enrolment form, I will advise the Saturdays when Cheryl and I will be at the dealership. Usually between 11am and 1pm.


If anyone has any problems or concerns, or just needs information about membership, or anything relating to the Wolfruna chapter, please feel free to text or Whats App me. My mobile number is 07817676081.


Many thanks again for showing your support by renewing early. If we can get the last 40% renewed during February, that would be brilliant 😊.


Cheers, Harry.

Finally, it was great to watch the launch of the new bikes yesterday…. great to see the Impact of bagger racing in their design. If you haven’t being watching the bagger racing get tuned in.

I hope to see you at our award winning dealership on Saturday, where some construction work is taking place.




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