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29/2 Fire up for the weekend

Good evening, Wolfruna family!

This February’s been really busy, welcoming new brothers and sisters from all over the Midlands. Quick heads-up: don’t let your HOG memberships lapse - we’ve got 10 set to expire in March.

March is shaping up to be a busy one for us:

• Kickstart the Month - Gear up for an epic lineup of rides.

• Chapter Night - Mark your calendars for 19th March at Penn Bowling Club. Doors open at 19:00. It’s our first bash at this new venue.

• Charity Showdown: Peaky Blinders vs Cowboys. Ticket sales are through the roof, and now the general public can snag some. Hit us up fast to reserve your spot - seats are running out!

• Dealership Open Day - 16th March is the day our new social hut gets its grand opening. A milestone for the dealership, making our dealership the heart of Harley in the West Midlands.

• Easter Egg Run - Our much-loved ride to local hospitals is on 30th March. Let’s make some kids smile this Easter.

April’s got also has lots coming up, including the Normandy tribute run. 18 members are already enlisted to ride down, ending in Portsmouth. And remember, this is just the prelude to our massive Normandy ride in September, with over 50 of us heading across.

Our next ride - This Sunday, we’re heading to Boardwalk Marina. Meet at Costa Coffee by the Porsche garage; we ride out at 11:00 sharp.

Ride safe.

Cheers, Broth


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