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Weekend Plans

Hi Brothers and Sisters. This coming weekend is full of good things to do. We will meet as usual on Saturday around midday for our usual drink and Hopefully a Burger or two. There may also be the odd Pork Pie too. This bit is important. SUNDAY IS REMEMBRANCE DAY. We will meet at the Dolittles on the Bridgnorth Road at 9:15 and leave at 9:45 sharp to ride to Bridgnorth. Anyone wanting a drink should get there a little earlier.

We will meet up with Bob at the Pub at the bottom of the Hermitage and anyone else who it’s easier to meet there and then we will ride in together. I am making this an open ride, as I’m aware that some chapter members may choose to ride on their winter bikes. However, whatever your means of transport, it is a definite Cuts on event. In closing. I may have said to a few about meeting at the Dealership. This is now NOT THE CASE. We will meet at Dobbies. Can I have Yays and Nays please. Regards Cut.


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