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Wolfruna Chapter By-Laws: A Guide to Effective Governance and Operations

Wolfruna Chapter By-Laws Ratification

As we gear up for our Annual General Meeting on January 14th, we're excited to announce that we will be presenting new by-laws for ratification. These by-laws are essential to the smooth running of our chapter and ensuring that all members have a voice.

Have something to say? If you have any additional points or concerns you wish to be discussed at the AGM, please make sure to submit them in writing to the Secretary by Friday, January 12th, before 17:00. This is your chapter, and your input is invaluable!

Let's make sure our chapter continues to run like a well-oiled machine. We can't wait to see you there and hear your thoughts.

Save the date and make your voice heard!

Wolfruna Chapter By-Laws

1. Chapter Interests: Members must always have the chapter's interests at heart, contributing positively to our shared goals and community spirit.

2. Respect and Harmony: Members are expected to maintain harmony and show respect towards fellow members. Banter is welcome, but abuse, insults, and bullying are strictly prohibited. Any concerns in this regard will be adjudicated by the Committee, the Director, and the Dealer Principal.

3. Committee Exclusivity: Committee members cannot be members of any other local HOG chapters to avoid conflicts of interest. However, general chapter members are free to join multiple chapters.

4. Event Commitment and Financial Responsibility: Members committing to an event, rally, or travel must bear the responsibility for any expenses incurred if they cannot attend. This includes recouping monies and covering costs in shared arrangements. The chapter will assist in finding replacements for bookings but cannot be held responsible for any lost deposits or unpaid expenses.

5. Use of Chapter Website and Social Media: The chapter website and social media platforms should not be used for:

  • Organising exclusive rides - all rides must be open to all chapter members.

  • Selling motorcycles or items in competition with our supporting dealership.

  • Organising rides or events that clash with official chapter activities.

  • Promoting services like motorcycle repairs, customization, or servicing that compete with our supporting dealership.

6. Support for Armed Forces: The chapter proudly supports events honouring our armed forces. Members stating military service, whether current or retired, may be asked to provide evidence. False claims will lead to removal from the chapter and, depending on the severity, may be reported to the relevant authorities.

7. Challenging Committee Positions: If a member wishes to challenge for a committee position, they must secure the support of at least 10 chapter members. Such a challenge can only be presented and considered at the next Annual General Meeting (AGM). This process ensures fairness and democracy within the chapter's leadership structure.

8. Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs): Members have the right to formally request an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) if they have the support of at least 25% of the active membership. Upon receiving such a request, the chapter must hold the EGM within 30 days to ensure all members' voices can be heard promptly and democratically.

9. Committee Badges: To maintain clarity and avoid confusion, only official committee members are authorised to wear committee badges. This helps to identify those in leadership positions and ensures that members can recognise and approach the correct individuals with matters that pertain to chapter governance and decision-making.

Overarching Rule: Please note that the final decision on all matters is at the discretion of the Dealer Principal. This includes but is not limited to issues related to membership, events, and internal disputes.


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