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19/10 Fire up for the weekend

Evening all,

There were lots of positives that came from ROC 2024. This is where Harley-Davidson connects with HOG officers and dealer principals from across the U.K. and Ireland. Harley-Davidson will be investing significant sums into HOG over the coming years including a new membership system which has started in the US. This has seen a huge growth in numbers and has been well received by chapters. How it will look in Europe has yet to be confirmed. We had a lot of chapters asking for joint rides with us next year. We will add these to the ride calendar.

Our chapter corner in the dealership needs a refresh. I will be there on Saturday to take a look and see what improvements can be made. If you wish to help out or have suggestions please let me know.

We have even more members attending the rally in Italy. There is a specific WhatsApp group, if you wish to be added let me know.

We have a received an offer from the Care-home in Lichfield which donated £1,000 to our Ukraine fund. They have offered 6 free places to their annual Christmas do on 15th Dec. Additional places can be purchased for £20. A number of our members went last year to support them and had a fun time. If you are interested please let Tallin know.

I know 2024 seems ages away but we have started to sort the rally’s out - tickets are going fast. There will be a number of polls over the coming days to gauge interest. Please respond if you’re interested.

The weather is looking pretty grim for the weekend, but come down to the dealership if you’re free. There is ride out on 29th to the National Motorbike Museum (free access).

Hopefully see you on Saturday and/or at the Harleyween event on 27th Oct.

Cheers, Broth


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